Some of Our favorite Rustic Modern Designs

We are seeing a lot of traction in the "rustic modern" design trend.  What exactly is rustic modern and how can you achieve it in your space?  


In it's most basic idea, Rustic Modern is the use of rustic or old materials in a decidedly modern form.  When it comes to kitchens, this idea can be achieved by creating long lineal lines with flat cut slab veneer cabinet doors (as pictured above).  

Hardware should be minimal, non-existent if possible and wherever possible choose a muted color.   


Choosing materials is perhaps the most important aspect of the rustic modern kitchen.  It's important to mix in different textures to form a basis for a space that FEELS different.  In the photograph above, the slab doors are contrasted by heavy flat black pilasters to anchor the island and perimeter cabinetry.  


Pictured above, light natural pine flooring forms the basis for a very Scandinavian feeling space.  The island, elevated off the floor, has clean lines, no cabinet hardware, and mixes in a stainless steel appliance.  The overall effect is clean, minimalistic, but also inviting.  


Here is a beautiful example of rustic modern.  Reclaimed flooring mixed with high gloss white cabinetry and an abundance of natural light.  The countertops are gray quartz.  In this example, the brushed nickel hardware is not my favorite, but it works.  


Take a look at the photos in this post and you'll see a basic common thread throughout all of them.  No wall cabinets!  Each of these kitchens lacks them completely.  We're seeing this trend  in a lot of our new designs.  Floating and open shelves are a great statement piece in your kitchen if you can commit to keeping your space fairly organized.  

If you are thinking of updating your kitchen or are designing a new home and are in need of inspiration for your new kitchen, please reach out to us for a consultation.