It's been a long time between posts.  Almost 7 months to be exact....but I promise it's not because I'm lazy.  It's because I'm busier than I've ever been!  I'm happy to say that my wife and I had a baby girl, Charlotte, in August.  She's almost six months old now and doing great.  It has definitely been a life changing event and she's a pure joy to have in our lives. At the same time we've been learning how to be parents, I've been fortunate enough to have been chosen to provide new kitchens and baths for several exciting projects, including some new construction, one multi unit project, and two amazing remodels in seperate parts of town here.  I guess my main point here is that while I have been quiet on my blog,  it has not been quiet in work or personal life.

I PROMISE to post some great pics of the completed projects once we get them installed.  I'll do my best to get some install pics of projects going in too.