New Projects

I'm excited to let everyone know about a few projects I have recently begun. First - I am designing a stunning, old-world style kitchen in Colorado Springs.  The clients purchased a turn of  the century historic home and are totally gutting it.  One of the most gratifying parts of this project is the fact that the clients are remodeling the home in the original style.  It's more of a restoration than a remodel.  I have almost completed design work for the kitchen.  Construction is underway but we will not begin the finishing of the space until after the holidays.

Second - A quintessential luxury bath in Bonnie Brae begins construction on November 12.  We are starting anew with this bathroom.  It will be a fantastic space when we complete it in our estimated 6 week construction schedule.  Elegant materials and a design that emphasizes simplicity and function will make this bathroom a very inviting space.

Third - Brand spanking new construction in Greenwood Village.  I have been working with this couple since the spring and we have finally worked through most of the layouts for the kitchen and six bathrooms.  I am moving on to material and color selections at this point and assisting with helping the future homeowners pick out the finishing touches to their new home.  The permit is in the final stages of approval and foundation should begin to be dug out soon.