Kitchen Island Ideas

Butcher Block Island Countertop

Here's a quick preview of a finished project in Centennial.  We took a "builder special" kitchen that was previously all white and completely non-functional, and transformed the space into a rich and welcome space that easily slides between casual and formal. The 2-1/2" thick custom butcher block top is definitely the focal point of the kitchen.  The top was produced by Grothouse Lumber in Pennsylvania and arrived just yesterday.  This couple loves to cook and was focused on increasing the usable prep counter space in the kitchen.  We took the cook top out of the island and moved it to the peninsula in the new layout, leaving the island top as 100% prep space.  What's even cooler is that this island is on low profile casters.  It can be rolled to any location on the main floor.  When this couple entertains large groups, they will be able to roll the island off to the side and use it as a seperate buffet area - or it could serve as a mobile bar.  It's versatile and looks absolutely gorgeous with the new butcher block.

If you are thinking about incorporating wood tops into your kitchen or bath remodel, here are a couple pointers for choosing the right fit for your new space.

1.  Don't choose a wood top for a high use island unless you are aware that it will get little dings, scratches, and dents over time.  Wood tops are not stone.  They will dent.  Fortunately, these tops tend to look better the more beat up they get.

2.  Make sure to oil your wood top generously the first six months.  It will require food grade mineral oil.  Here is the use and care guide from Grothouse.

3.  Wood tops can make great accent pieces in any space; whether kitchen, bar, or bathroom.  In a bathroom - think about using a wood top at a make-up area for a little bit of a softer feel.  Bars are natural spaces to include wood tops - I mean - when was the last time you went to the pub and it was anything BUT wood?  Grothouse has a patent on a special finish called "Durata" that is completely impermeable to water and comes with a lifetime guarantee against water infiltration or spotting.

4.  You can build almost any shape or thickness out of wood, so there are very few design limitations with wooden tops.